THE Importance of Collaboration

Any important undertaking requires the association and participation with different organizations and institutions. SAT's service-oriented activities are opportunities to participate with other organizations while extending the reach and improving the quality of the program itself. In such an atmosphere, we are able to undertake initiatives that are well received by the people and the government of Honduras.

There are many opportunities to support and participate in this process of learning and service. Opportunities depend on the talents and interests of the individuals and institutions involved. Support may be offered using intellectual, professional, and/or material resources and according to the needs of a particular program.

Financial Support

Since its inception in 1986, the Bayán Association has benefited from direct donations from various communities and individuals, as well as from its own founders.

To reach its objectives and its current state, the Bayán Association recognizes and appreciates the support received by multiple individuals and institutions. The following is a list of international organizations that have supported us throughout the years:

Agreements with Other Organizations

The Bayán Association maintains agreements with different governmental and non-governmental organizations which allow for the implementation of the SAT program. Currently, agreements exist with seven departments of education as well as the country's Ministry of Education.

Agreements exist with a set of NGOs, which support and participate in the development of the program around the country:

Bayán Association has agreements with organizations, sponsors, and the Ministry of Health for the administration of Bayán hospital in the Honduran region of la Mosquitia. These and other agreements with Bayán guarantee mutual understanding, observance of its terms, and the hospital’s identity as an institution.

Organizations with Similar Aims

The following are additional organizations whose philosophy and approach to social and economic development are similar to Bayán’s.

Organizations that implement Preparation for Social Action (PAS)





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